Comparing Implants to Dentures

Be confident one step at a time!


Let's face it, no-one wants to wear dentures...

They are embarrassing, uncomfortable, they don’t allow you to taste your food properly and you have to deal with sticky denture glue! Fortunately dentures are no longer the only option for patients.  Dental Implants can provide you with teeth fixed permanently in place using techniques such as “All on 4s”. Implants don’t just replace teeth, they restore your dignity, confidence and your sense of well-being.


You don’t mind the denture, but it's so loose...

The longer you wear dentures, the looser they become. Some people don’t mind wearing dentures. That’s fine, but when they become loose they can be sore. The pain caused by the denture coupled with the worry of the denture slipping out can cause people a considerable amount of distress.


I have gum disease, my dentist says I’m not a candidate as I don’t have enough bone...

Again, this is not necessarily true. In many cases dental implants will actually preserve the surrounding bone thereby slowing down, or even preventing further gum disease or bone loss. There are short implants which can be used, or in some cases grafting can be carried out to replace bone where is it missing.



Diagram of all on 4 fixed denture. This is where four implants are used to secure a denture firmly in place giving it more stability and removing the need to use adhesive.

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I've been told I need Bone Grafting?

The most commonly utilized method is with purified bovine bone. This essentially acts as a scaffold for your bone to grow around the implant and integrate with it.

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Why should I replace missing teeth?

When you lose a tooth, you start a whole cycle, which will have a domino effect on the rest of your teeth.

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