Getting Dental Implants in a day!

At Dental Implants Ireland your time is important to us. When getting implants placed it is a process that can take some time and can involve a number of visits to the clinic to complete the work. Whilst this often happens opportunities can arise where the entire procedure can be completed in a single visit. To offer this service to patients a clinic must have the latest dental technology to hand. By using our Cone Beam CT Scanner we can carry out an immediate assessment of the patient and decide on the patients suitability.

Where patients are suitable for the procedure we can use our CEREC 3D dental imaging suite to provide the patient with a crown whilst they are sitting in the chair! The CEREC uses an advanced camera system that takes pictures of your teeth. It does this at a rate of 19 frames per second. This in turn creates a 3D image of your teeth and gums on a dedicated computer. The dentist can then change the size, shape and position of the crown. This ensures the crown that is being created is tailored to an exact fit in the patients’ mouth. This instrument is completely pain free and does not cause any discomfort in the patient.

When this initial step is completed the data that is inputted by the dentist is sent to a 3D milling Unit. The unit has a complete ceramic block placed in it. To either side of the block are two drills. Both of the drills work in tandem to create an exact ceramic replica of the crown that was designed on the computer by the dentist. You can actually see your crown being created!

When this is completed the crown is glazed by the dentist to match the colour of the other teeth in the patients’ mouth. This is then placed into a special oven. The oven is vacuum-sealed and the crown is cooked at a very high temperature for a set amount of time. This hardens the ceramic material to withstand many years of chewing. This process can vary from 5 to 10 minutes. When this is completed the crown is allowed to cool down and can be placed by the dentist.

At Dental Implants Ireland this is one of the many cutting edge technologies that we have on offer at our clinic. It's puts patient care centre stage and provides you with a level of service second to none.

Dr Annette O Donovan

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