Dental Implants Ireland operating out of Alexandra Dental Practice

Alexandra Dental Practice was established in 2006 by Dr O’Donovan. Since then the practice has grown tremendously and now employs over 12 staff members. The areas they excel in are cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and dental implantology. Dr ODonovan and her team are world ahead of many clinicians today in Ireland in delivering these services. They have trained abroad in the UK and USA to ensure the best services are delivered to their customers. I actually know of no other clinic in Ireland where all the dental nursing staff are fully trained in assisting with sedation dentistry.

When it came to choosing a clinic for Alexandra Dental Practicewas an obviously choice. The dentist are skilled in cosmetic dentistry, but also have fantastic surgical skills as well as the ability to provide intravenous sedation if required, at no extra cost. If you go to another clinic you may have to charge extra for an outside anesthetist to come in and sedate you whilst the surgery is being carried out. In addition you may have different dentist placing the dental implant, and a different dentist restoring the implant. This brings complexities into the treatment. Why not just see one dentist, who will excel in all the areas required from start to finish.

Alexandra Dental Practice displayed a great choice in high end laboratories so we knew our patients will benefit from the highest possible restorations, and where possible the restoration can be milled on site. This means if you are travelling long distances there is not waiting, or returning, for additional work to be fitted.

Alexandra Dental Practice is in the heart of Ireland, its so centrally located there is no need to travel to the north or to Eastern Europe for dental implant treatment. High quality, affordable dental implant treatment is literally on your doorstep. Make an appointment today with dental implants ireland. You will not be disappointed.

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