Teeth in a Day

“Teeth in an day“ is a concept also known as “all on 4”. It is very confusing for patients as they tend to not know exactly what that means. Where a patient wear a full denture, or faces the prospect of losing all the teeth in one arch it give them the option of having a full prosthesis placed which is fixed into position.

Four implants are placed at specific angles into the existing bone which are then immediately loaded (the proshetsis is put deirectly on) by modifying an pre-made bridge. This mean that there is a full set of teeth fixed into position immediately. The advantages of this for patients is that they avoid the embarrassment of lose dentures, taking their teeth out to clean around or to soak overnight.

What is involved?

Initially we will carry out a thorugh consultation including a CT scan if necessary to assess the bone available. We will then take impressions which will be sent to our exclusive laboratory to have an acrylic bridge constructed. This is the bridge which will be modified once the 4 implants are placed. In 3-6 months the prosthesis will need to be relined, and final impressions are taken 6 month-24months after.

How much do “teeth in a day” or “all on 4s” cost?

The placement of 4 implants and provisional fixed bridge will cost in the region of €6000-7000. After full healing impression will be taken for the final bridge, this is a further €2000-7000 depending on type of materials you chose for the bridgework. This second stage is preferably carried out 6months after the implants are placed, but can be delayed to 24months if you need to stretch out the payments. In some cases we can take an initial payment of €4000 and you then pay €450 a month for 18months.

If you would like more information on this procedure please call 061-315228 or email us on info@dentalimplantsireland.com

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